Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cupid Pulls All the Right Heartstrings

Cupid Bobby Cannavale Trevor Heather Amy Schumer screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs stills The Tommy Brown AffairTrevor, aka Cupid (Bobby Cannavale) sits with new drunk friend Heather (Last Comic Standing's Amy Schumer) on Cupid.

While it seems that Cupid's chances of survival on ABC are slim, I still can't help watching this flawed but eminently charming show. Sure it's cliched and silly and sometimes has holes of logic that you can drive a truck through, but like paperback romances and fluffy summer movie rom-coms, sometimes it's the thought that counts.

I was actually thinking the other day that Cupid is in the same sort of genre as that old ship o' cliches, The Love Boat. Sure it was corny and ridiculous, but you got to see all of these great character actors every week, have a few laughs, and leave with a happy sigh for the happily ever after couples who solved their problems with the help of the perky and quirky staff on a cruise.

With Cupid we have the super cool and ridiculously endearing Bobby Cannavale as Trevor, a man who may be an actual Greek god, or just a handsome, lovable guy with personal problems and delusions of grandeur. We also have his psychiatrist Dr. Claire McCrae, played by Sarah Paulson with a mixture of exasperation, cynicism, and occasional reluctant bemusement. It's often a thankless role, as she has to play hardass to Cannavale's playful imp, but this week's episode "Shipping Out" allowed us to see more of her fun and sexy side--which gave us the best chemistry we've seen so far between her and Cannavale.

Trevor is all lust and romance with no thought of consequences, and Claire is all consequences with no passion, but when the two of them work together they manage to bring deserving couples together from meet cutes to destiny. It's syrupy and silly, but the snappy dialogue and the dips into realistic drama help keep the show from going completely off the rails.

"Shipping Out" was worth it just for Trevor's theory that how people dance illustrates the way they have sex--his demonstration of these various dance moves was all at once sexy and disturbingly familiar and hilarious. And then Claire (who has shunned dancing since being made fun of as a teenager) finally gets to have her star moment when she lets loose and pulls out some sexy moves of her own--and captures Cupid's immediate attention. The little number they do together is just the sort of thing that has you grinning even after the show is over.

So sure, Cupid's not perfect. But I'm going to enjoy my little slice of cheesy romance pie as long as it's being offered.

Watch Cupid on ABC Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

PHOTO: Cupid, "The Tommy Brown Affair" screencap, c2009 ABC Studios.


  1. I actually loved this week's episode of Cupid (may be becuse I live in Baton Rouge...lol)

    Seriously, though, I hope ti makes it. ABC owes us for yanking everything else. I was watching Scrubs tonight, and saw that that absoult retarted show, Wipeout is coming back. WTF?!? They can being that crap back, but will cancel Pushing Daisies at the first sign of trouble. (still bitter about that, can you tell)

    On the other hand, the Scrubs fnale was pretty good. Just remains to be seen what happens fromn here on...was the a series finale ( likeit should be) or are they gonna drag the sho out longer than need be

  2. Cupid was good this week--and actually broke with their conventional formula by not giving us an easy happy ending. The show really has potential; I wish it would get a chance to better prove itself.

    Shows like Wipeout can be amusing for like ten minutes on a Sunday morning, but to tune in every week at primetime for it? I don't get that. And I don't blame you being peeved about Pushing Daisies. I'm still irked over Eli Stone. And Life on Mars. And Kings. GAH.

    The Scrubs finale was a good one, though I think the show has definitely run its course. I'm not sure, but I think they were possibly going to continue on with the new interns in their own show. I thought that was a bad idea at first, but seeing them in action, they're all actually pretty funny. It could possibly work, and then I think you'd still have some of the old cast in the show as well. We'll have to see. But as far as we know it, Zach is leaving and that version of Scrubs is done.

  3. i'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Cupid.

    i heard the same thing about the interns, but Scrubs just isn't the sam without JD's fantasies, y'know?



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