Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More TV News and Reviews
by Valerie David

Stacy London What Not to Wear photos pictures images TLCClinton Kelly What Not to Wear photos pictures images TLC
You may have noticed a new list in the right sidebar here, entitled "More of My TV Reviews". This new list highlights the latest of my TV articles written over at Associated Content (AC). The format lends itself to some longer and more in-depth pieces, and I hope you enjoy these reviews as much as my blog updates here:

Burn Notice Season Premiere: "Friends and Family"

What Not to Wear: Chelsea the Roller Derby Queen

Chelsea Lately Livens Up Late Night TV

What Not to Wear: Jessie the Texan with 80s Hair

What Not to Wear: Amanda the Blogger in Baggy Clothes

America's Got Talent Auditions Day 2

What Not to Wear: Kimberly the Teacher in Troll Wear with Triplets

In addition to the sidebar links, I thought it would be a good idea to create posts to highlight these TV reviews. This way I can add them in to the categories headings you see at left, making it that much easier for you, my lovely readers, to find all the TV news and reviews you are looking for.

I'll keep doing periodic posts like this one that I can edit as I add more articles at AC. Click "My TV Reviews at AC" in the "Categories" section on the left side of this blog to easily find a comprehensive list of these reviews that will continue to grow.

Thanks for reading and feel free to say "hi!" over at the AC site, as well as here in the TV News and Reviews blog.

PHOTOS: Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, What Not to Wear, c2009 TLC.


  1. Hey, Val! I'm going to go take a look at your AC stuff.

    I'm a secret AC writer myself. I'm just starting to come out, so to speak, about my secret life as a content writer. ;) I'm on
    AC under the name May Monten, which is an anagram of ... well, I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. ;-)

    Most of my stuff there is pretty lame.

    I've never gotten into the social-networking side of AC, but now that I'm starting to go public with my content-ing, I think I'd like to start. So I will "friend" you. Or is it "fan" you? Is that how the kool kidz say it?

  2. Hey, Ms Terri! I see you've got an eclectic mix of articles over at AC as well...hee. It doesn't look lame to me! I actually just started doing more TV articles over there, so I've got a strange array of home and garden, local events, and holiday stuff on AC as well as the entertainment stuff. I wish they would categorize the pieces on the profile pages better!

    I had no idea what AC's lingo was, but it's "favorating"--and then you become a "fan". Heh. I've favorited you back!

    When the weather gets hotter here again, then you can "fan me"...lol!

  3. I'll be sure to check it out soon. I love Chelsea Handler, btw (her and her show) Hope you said somethign nice, or we's gonna be fightin' lol

    It is officially summer, the crap on the airwaves has more than tripled. Remember when networks aired reruns during the summer?

  4. Hey, no worries about Chelsea, I have a total girl crush on her! *G* So no fights here!

    It seems like having new series on during the summer would be a good thing, but so far I'm kind of underwhelmed. And reruns can be nice for two reasons: 1) you can catch up on series you missed and 2) you can catch up on stuff in your life because there's nothing new on TV...heh. :P



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