Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heroes Premiere

Heroes Peter Petrelli Milo Ventimiglia Noah Bennet Jack Coleman Heroes Orientation Push Jump Fall screencaps pictures images photos HRG glasses screengrabs captures premiere videoTonight the Heroes premiere kicked off with a bang with "Orientation" and "Push, Jump, Fall." While there are still a few annoying plot developments to roll our eyes over, mostly the series premiere was enjoyable and tapped into a lot of what we loved about Heroes season one. I liked that Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) is still operating in his shades of gray, but he's starting to feel a pull towards the whiter side. The way his life has fallen apart has made him rethink his strategy, and his dealings with Peter, Tracy, and Danko in this episode play into that.

Heroes Peter Petrelli Milo Ventimiglia powers fight Ray Park circus freak knives fast speed attack ability screencaps images photos screencaptures captures screengrabs Orientation Push Jump Fall premiere video
I also love love love that Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) is back in our hearts as a hero, using his powers for good as an overachieving paramedic. He's still got his angsty side, neglecting his own needs in an effort to make up for all the things he's screwed up in the past as "hero". We also get to see him use his powers and grab a new one from a mysterious circus member with mad speed and slashing skills. Seeing Ray Park and Ventimiglia duke it out was one of the highlights of this Heroes episode. A confident Peter is a beautiful thing to behold.

With the events of last season's Heroes, I thought Sylar might be pushed into the background, perhaps to let actor Zachary Quinto focus on his movie career. Not so, Heroes fans. Sylar is back with a vengeance as Matt's mental mischief-maker, as well as making his presence known within the new "Nathan" and Mama Petrelli's visions.

Read up on every detail of the two hour premiere episode in my full Heroes "Orientation; Jump, Push, Fall" recap at Yahoo!

PHOTOS: Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet; Ventimiglia and Ray Park; Heroes "Orientation; Jump, Push, Fall" screencaps, c2009 NBC Universal Studios.

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  1. It looks like Heroes is back, but I said the same thing after the last 2 chapters' premieres. I do like the storylines going on here, and that we get some more comicn relief other than just Hiro with Clair's new friend. I'm intersted to see where that goes. If they work it right, could be very intersting. The next couple weeks will really tell us alot about if it is back to the show that we all loved when it started and not that trvesty it becale the last year and half.



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