Monday, December 13, 2010

Mekhi Phifer to Star on "Torchwood"

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Wow. It looks like season 4 of Torchwood is really happening. After the initial news of an American version of Torchwood, I put it out of my head, fearing the worst about changes to beloved Captain Jack (the scrumptious John Barrowman) and where the storyline could possibly go after the tragedies of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Those reporting the news weren't actually sure it was going to gel after all, so I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Torchwood: The New World is a go, however, and the news is a little brighter. Firstly, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reported on casting for Torchwood that included a call for a male actor to play intimate scenes with Captain Jack. So it seems that the American broadcaster of Torchwood, Starz, won't be dialing back Jack's fluid sexuality for puritanical US audiences. Huzzah to that.

Secondly, Eve Myles is returning, as well as Gwen's hubby Rhys (Kai Owen). Wales Online reported that Myles recently bought a vintage 60s home in Hollywood, where she and her family will live during filming in the US for Torchwood. The actors will be on set in January, and Torchwood: The New World is expected to air its new ten episodes in the summer--presumably on BBC and Starz simultaneously.

Thirdly, Deadline just reported that Lie to Me and ER actor Mekhi Phifer has been cast in Torchwood as CIA agent Rex Matheson. Spoiler TV has a detailed description of the character, who sounds like a smooth, sexy overachiever. I am beyond excited to see how Phifer and Barrowman interact on the show.

I wasn't sure I'd ever get over the cruelty that was Torchwood: Children of Earth, but the fact is that Captain Jack is just too good of a character to abandon, and I'll be happy to see Jack and Gwen together again. There's a two year gap between the storyline of Children of Earth and this new season 4, no doubt to give a reasonable amount of time for healing after the fatal events the duo endured. For my part, I'd prefer to just erase the whole last season, because the writers tainted Jack with their attempts at "drama".

So, I'm being cautiously optimistic about the return of Torchwood. Here's hoping the writers will treat us fans a bit better on this go around.

PHOTO: Mekhi Phifer in Lie to Me, screencap c2010, FOX.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Affordable Christmas Gifts for the Doctor Who Fan on Your List

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite Doctor Who fan? Do they love the Tenth Doctor, sonic screwdrivers, or Daleks? If you've overheard them arguing about the virtues of Rose over Martha, or what Bad Wolf really means, then these are the Christmas gift ideas you need.

Doctor Who Gifts Under $20

How cute is this? This little rotating Cyberman keychain is on sale for only $2.90! It's the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer gift for your Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who Cyberman Rotating Cell Phone Charm cheap Christmas gifts affordable holiday gift

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Does your Doctor Who fan prefer David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor? Then they'll love a Christmas gift of this little Doctor action figure, complete with trademark pinstripe suit and sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who End of Time Tenth Doctor Action Figure cheap Christmas gifts affordable holiday gift

Click here to buy your Tenth Doctor action figure for $15.99 from Entertainment Earth.

No Doctor Who fan feels complete without the Doctor's signature tool/weapon/gizmo, the sonic screwdriver. Get this--the sonic screwdriver replica lights up, has sound effects, and writes in invisible ink. It also comes with a wallet with "psychic paper." Totally the perfect sci-fi Christmas gift.

Doctor Who sonic screwdriver fan cheap Christmas gifts affordable holiday gift

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Doctor Who Gifts From $25 to $35.99

Does your Doctor Who fan prefer the Eleventh Doctor? Gift them this Christmas with two little Matt Smith action figures--one in his raggedy Tenth Doctor clothes after he crash lands in Amelia Pond's yard, and one in his new genius professor duds of tweed jacket and bow tie.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Crash Set Action Figures cheap Christmas gifts affordable holiday gift inexpensive

Click here to buy a double Doctor Who gift for $25.99 from Entertainment Earth.

The diehard Doctor Who fan must have a Dalek in their Christmas stocking. Gift them with this striking Dalek wall clock, that illuminates when the room is dark. How cool is that?

Doctor Who Dalek Illuminating Wall Clock cheap Christmas gifts affordable holiday gift inexpensive

Click here to buy the Dalek wall clock gift for $25.99 from Entertainment Earth.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the most beloved icon of Doctor Who fandom. This little blue box is the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite sci-fi geek; on TV it's a time traveling space ship--on your Doctor Who fan's desk it's a Tardis USB hub.

Tardis Doctor Who USB hub fan cheap Christmas gifts inexpensive holiday gift affordable

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Please enjoy these Doctor Who fan gift ideas. I have personally shopped with both Amazon and Entertainment Earth, and received quality products and good service. Thank you for shopping--your purchases help support this blog, at no extra cost to you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Katie Couric to Guest Star on "Glee"

In an interesting move by the Glee showrunners, CBS news anchor Katie Couric will be turning up as a guest star on Glee. Will she be joining a Cheerios pyramid? Interviewing Sue Sylvester for a special report on Cheerleading Coach of the Universe?

Fan reaction so far has included plenty of "Bzuh?" responses, but Katie could be a surprise on Glee. I give you all the scoop about the appearance and Katie's glee club credentials over on Yahoo! omg! with "Katie Couric to Appear on 'Glee' with Coach Sylvester".

Katie Couric's Glee guest starring role should take place on FOX February 6, after the Super Bowl.

PHOTO: Katie Couric making her entrance on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show last year, screencap c2009 Mad Cow Productions, Comedy Central.


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