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'Arrow' recap: Oliver Fights To Change Two Family 'Legacies'

Arrow Legacies Season 1 Episode 6 screencaps Ace poker mask robbers
"Arrow" likes working on parallel themes, and this week's episode "Legacies" focuses on how every individual has the power to change a bad pattern. With a little push from his partner, Digg, Arrow strays from the list on a different sort of mission but still finds himself face to face with his father's misdeeds.

The flashback this week had us back in that island cave with a trapped Oliver starving to death, burning pages of his father's notebook to keep warm. He hallucinates an image of his father, who even in our hero's mind is still lecturing him about being a disappointment. We learn that Oliver always thought his father was strong, brave, and better than him. We also finally learn how all those names appeared in that notebook -- they were there all along, in invisible ink, revealed when they neared the heat of the fire.

Back in real time, Oliver is ready to cross the next bad guy off his list when Digg presents him with a more immediate problem -- a gang of bank robbers who recently shot an off-duty cop. Oliver isn't interested in anything aside from The Plan, so Digg tricks him into showing up at the hospital and meeting the victim's wife. He sees firsthand how it's not just big business hurting good people. Arrow decides to give tracking down violent bank robbers a try.

A lead on one robber's high school ring and a bit of research reveals a family on a crime spree. Oliver learns that the father worked for Mr. Queen for 15 years, before the factory work was sent to China and all the employees were laid off with no severance. Feeling even more guilt for his family's deeds, Oliver finds the man at a local bar and offers him a job -- and a chance to change the dangerous path he's headed down. The father strongly considers packing it in, but his family convinces him they need that "final score" to make it all worth it.

Meanwhile, Oliver's friend Tommy is trying to woo Laurel into a real relationship. When flashing his wealth around doesn't impress, and he gets no time from his busy crime-fighting bud, Tommy turns to Thea for a bit of girl advice. She doesn't realize it's Laurel at the time and offers up directives to show interest in the lady's interests -- and pour his heart out. Turns out it's sound advice, and Tommy makes some headway toward convincing a cynical Laurel that he's sincere. There's a small wrinkle when a jealous Thea gets drunk and throws herself at Tommy, but his sweet handling of the incident helps impress Laurel even more.

Arrow tracks down the criminal family mid-robbery and tries to take them down himself, but a security guard intervenes and the father is killed protecting his son. It's a parallel to his own life that Oliver had hoped to avoid: a father who died for his son before making up for his own mistakes. Digg assures Oliver it's not his fault, but it's another harsh reminder that even a vigilante with the best intentions can sometimes inadvertently cause more harm than good.

After blowing off another series of family engagements to do his work as Arrow, Oliver realizes he's also causing harm at home. His mother has the pain of having her son alive but not really back. At the end of the episode, he finally takes the time to bond with her again, taking her out for hamburgers and a moment away from stuffy dinners and fundraisers. They share a laugh as loving mother and son, but we know there are so many secrets between them that a true heart-to-heart is impossible for now.

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Welcome, "Arrow" fans! If you're new to the show and want to catch up, or missed an episode, or if you just want a refresher before the next installment, this is the place.

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Episode 1: 'Arrow' premiere recap

The pilot episode introduces us to Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who was shipwrecked on an island for five years before being rescued. In his time on the mysterious island, he's developed some scary and useful skills, and embarks on a secret quest to rid the city of corruption and violence.

Episode 2: 'Honor Thy Father,' Dishonor His Memory

The "Arrow" episode "Honor Thy Father" delves deeper into Oliver's emotional scars, his past on the island, and the dual life he must now lead.

Episode 3: 'Lone Gunmen' Face Off

In the episode "Lone Gunmen," Oliver faces a deadly assassin who's also targeting the men on his father's list.

Episode 4: Laurel and Oliver Work to Free 'An Innocent Man'

Arrow tries to work with Laurel and show the "new Oliver" he's become, but it turns out she doesn't much like the new guy either. After revealing his identity to Digg, it also appears Arrow's vigilante career may be over.

Episode 5: Is Oliver Permanently 'Damaged'?

"Arrow" takes us back to the island, and we find out how Oliver got those nasty scars, and how he found his own honor code. We also discover the hooded hero's plan to get himself out of being arrested.

Episode 6: Oliver Fights to Change Two Family 'Legacies'

In this week's episode, "Legacies," Arrow strays from The List and tries to help one of his father's victims turn away from a life of crime.

Episode 8: Oliver Can't Stop Helena's 'Vendetta'

In the "Arrow" episode "Vendetta," Oliver tries to put Helena on a less deadly path to justice. He opens up his heart, but will his readily-given trust be misplaced?

Episode 9: Oliver brings the family together at 'Year's End'

In "Arrow" episode "Year's End," Oliver relives memories of the island, tries to revive Christmas celebrations with his family, and is confronted by a dangerous new archer and adversary.

Episode 10: Oliver tracks a fireman-killer and nearly gets 'Burned'

Oliver struggles with the physical and emotional scars from his battle with the Dark Archer, but Laurel draws Arrow back into action with a case involving a string of murdered firemen.

Episode 11: Diggle learns the hard way to 'Trust, but Verify' 

Oliver gets caught in the middle of a rift between his mother and sister, Diggle finds out his former commander might be involved in some seriously criminal business.

Episode 12: Oliver saves the city from dangerous 'Vertigo'

In "Arrow" episode "Vertigo," Oliver has to save his sister from jail time for her DUI, and bring down the drug lord who made the dangerous Vertigo hallucinogen that caused her car crash.

Episode 13: Oliver and Laurel feel the sting of family 'Betrayal'

In "Arrow" episode "Betrayal," there's a new villain in town, and he's ready to use Laurel to help him take out the vigilante archer standing in his way.

Episode 14: Wounded Oliver re-lives his own version of 'The Odyssey'

In "Arrow" episode "The Odyssey," our hero gets shot and relives a flashback of his mission with Slade to get them both off the island.

Episode 15: Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go after the murderous 'Dodger'  

In "Arrow" episode "Dodger," Oliver and Digg get help from Felicity to track down a thief who straps bomb collars to his victims and forces them to commit his heists for him.

Episode 16: Oliver saves his worst enemy's life in 'Dead to Rights'

In "Arrow" episode "Dead to Rights," Oliver discovers the attempt to assassinate Malcolm, and works with Felicity and Digg to intervene.

Episode 17: 'The Huntress Returns' to Blackmail Oliver

In "Arrow" episode "The Huntress Returns," Oliver is forced to make a choice between trying to redeem Helena and saving the lives of innocent people.

Episode 18: Criminals Pray for 'Salvation' From a New Vigilante 

In "Arrow" episode "Salvation," Oliver, Digg, and Felicity face one of their toughest tests when a vigilante starts kidnapping perceived criminals and executing them online--and he can't be traced.

Episode 19: Oliver and Diggle Both Deal With 'Unfinished Business'

In "Arrow" episode "Unfinished Business," the city is taken over with a new, deadlier form of Vertigo. Oliver must track down The Count again, while Diggle is distracted by pursuing Deadshot.

In "Arrow" episode "Home Invasion," Oliver makes hard choices with the best intentions, only to have it backfire and hurt the very people that mean the most to him.

In "Arrow" episode "The Undertaking," Malcolm's plot is finally revealed, Oliver finds Walter and learns the truth about his mother.

Episode 22: 'Arrow' Recap: Oliver and Felicity Land in Serious Trouble When They Try to Prevent The Undertaking

In "Arrow" episode "Darkness on the Edge of Town," Malcolm takes care of loose ends as The Undertaking is about to get underway. Unfortunately, one of those loose ends turns out to be Oliver.
Episode 23: Who made the ultimate sacrifice? 

In the "Arrow" season finale, "Sacrifice," all of our heroes come together to try and save the city, but not everyone will make it out alive. 

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'Arrow' recap: Is Oliver permanently 'Damaged'?

Arrow Damaged Season 1 recaps screencaps Oliver Queen Laurel Lance Detective lie detctor test arrest photos

Last week "Arrow" made a startling move: Our hooded hero was caught on camera as Oliver. It's tough to continue your career as an avenging vigilante if your secret identity has been blown and you've been arrested for murder. This week's episode, "Damaged," had a surprising way of working itself out of that corner.

Torture, rescue, entrapment

"Arrow" sent us back to the island in flashbacks again, this time to show us Oliver getting captured by the mysterious soldiers on the island. In their commander's tent, he's shown an old photo of his hooded Asian friend in military garb and asked for information. Oliver refuses to give up anything, even when he's brutally tortured by a scary dude in tactical garb and a two-color mask that comic book fans will know as Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade, enemy of the Teen Titans.

Oliver's friend shows up to rescue him, and we get a hardcore throwdown between the island warrior and Deathstroke. The original Arrow wins the fight long enough to get his protege out of danger and into a cave. He lets Oliver know he's impressed that he survived the nasty torture without betraying him moments before he traps the young Mr. Queen inside the cave with a large boulder and draws the pursuing soldiers away.

Free as a bird...or an Arrow

Back in the present day, everyone in Oliver's life is worried about his impending incarceration -- except for him. As he tells his new partner in justice, Diggle, getting caught was part of his plan. He knew suspicion would fall on him eventually, and so he wanted to do it on his terms. He has Laurel, patron saint of lost causes and a glutton for punishment, represent him in court. She gets him home confinement with an ankle bracelet, and he throws a party.

What seems an obnoxious lack of decorum by his family and friends is all part of setting up an alibi for Oliver. He sends Digg on a mission to break up an arms deal -- as Arrow. Once the police get reports that the man in green has struck again, while their suspect is partying in front of a hundred witnesses, the prosecution has no choice but to drop all charges. Oliver's joy is almost short-lived, however, when an assassin bursts into his room and tries to kill him. Luckily the broken monitoring bracelet sends Detective Lance to the scene, and he shoots the assassin at a very opportune moment.

Damaged Goods

Arrow Damaged screencaps Laurel Lance tears glassy eyes Katie Cassidy Ollie photos

In the process of defending him, Laurel finds out about Oliver's nasty scars and realizes that she wasn't the only one going through hell after that fateful boat accident. After inspecting those scars personally, she also finds out that she's still attracted to her ex, but after one smoldering kiss, they both agree that getting together's not going to happen. After all, Oliver also just found out that Laurel's mom left after her sister's death, so that's one more reason for her and Detective Lance to hate him.

Oliver doesn't blame them and encourages Laurel to think that he's just damaged goods, incapable of being some Robin Hood assassin. He's playing a part, trying to keep his identity safe, but we get the feeling he's probably more emotionally scarred than he realizes.

Moira's secrets

Meanwhile, Walter tries to figure out more about his wife's secrets and sends his most trusted security expert down to the warehouse to move the boat wreckage to a secure location. When he gets the news that his guy got into a car "accident," he calls Moira in for a pow-wow. She tells him he's in over his head and he has to stop messing with powerful people. He's totally stunned that she's been lying to him for so long and packs his bags for a business trip to Australia with an indeterminate return date.

Moira goes and confronts her mysterious rendezvous partner about the recent death and attempted assassination of her son. When she gets a "sorry, it's just business" reply, she threatens to turn off her "good soldier" persona and go postal on them if they ever harm any of her family. We're guessing this will just inspire them to make her the first target.

Arrow lives to fight another day

Oliver's clear to be Arrow again for now, but Laurel, Thea, and Detective Lance still have varying amounts of suspicion about his identity. What do you think, "Arrow" fans? Which one of them will find out the truth first?

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'Arrow' recap: Laurel and Oliver work to free 'An Innocent Man'

Arrow An Innocent Man screencaps Season 1 recaps Laurel Lance Katie Cassidy photos

The premiere season of "Arrow" has been running at a breakneck pace, and episode "An Innocent Man" overflows with twists and reveals some of the biggest challenges Oliver has faced yet. The rich playboy at first seems to have leapt several hurdles in his quest for justice and in embracing the new-and-improved Oliver, but events take a sharp turn to put Arrow in serious jeopardy.

The secret identity blues

Revealing his secret identity to Diggle at first doesn't initially go as planned for Oliver. The groggy and wounded bodyguard takes a swing at him, calls him a vigilante murderer, and scoffs at the idea of working together. We wonder if Digg is going to turn him in, but Oliver arrives home without incident.

That is until he's taken to task by Laurel, who was waiting at his home to find out if he was OK. It's clear that leading a secret life sometimes means you leave the people you care about hanging, and Laurel accuses him of being supremely selfish. The only good news is that his sister Thea seems to be on his side, and she suggests that Oliver start showing Laurel the "new guy" that he feels he's become.

New recruits to join the fight

After catching a story on the news about Peter Declan, a man about to be executed for murdering his wife, Oliver learns that the victim worked for one of the bad guys on his list. He sets up a scary shadowy-guy-in-dark-apartment meeting with Laurel and tells her to look into the case. Though she's a bit uncomfortable with his methods, she goes ahead and follows the leads with his help, but even tying a bribed witness to train tracks doesn't get them enough evidence for a stay of execution. Detective Lance figures out that Laurel's been helping out Arrow and he lectures her, earning a sharp retort that the police never did their job right in the first place.

Reassured by the fact that Digg didn't turn him in, Oliver makes another stab at recruiting him. He tells him the truth about how his father killed himself in the lifeboat and says that going through the list is about helping the people of the city, as well as righting the wrongs his own family has committed. He also drops the bomb that the assassin he just killed was probably responsible for Digg's brother's death.

Impulse control

Laurel visits the prison to try to reassure her client Declan and gets caught up in a prison riot designed to end with her death. She helpfully adopts the dumb-female-victim role and instead of taking cover, runs directly into the crowd of rioting prisoners. Luckily Arrow, who's donning a ski mask, has shown up just in time to rescue her, but she has to save him from pummeling her would-be assassin to death. She later tells her father that she agrees with him on the dangers of hanging with Arrow, that he's a cold-blooded killer. From his rooftop perch, Oliver overhears; all his previous joy at working with Laurel evaporates.

Striking a balance

Throughout the episode, we're given flashbacks to the island, where the hooded figure forces a starving Oliver to kill his own food. He also warns the remorseful young man that a helpless bird won't be the only thing he has to kill to survive. We see how his transformation began and how the "new Oliver" is really not fit for normal society.

Enter Digg, who has considered Oliver's offer and accepts -- but not as his "sidekick." He feels that Arrow needs someone to balance him out, to keep him from permanently becoming that scary, remorseless guy that struck fear into Laurel's heart earlier. Oliver doesn't have time to enjoy the new partnership, however, as Detective Lance arrives to arrest him. A review of the security footage from the sniper attack revealed our hero's costume grab in the hallway, evidence that he's Arrow.

Secrets on top of secrets

If that wasn't enough shock for one episode, Oliver's step-dad Walter does a little digging into a 2.6 million discrepancy in his company's books and discovers his wife has a shell company with a mysterious warehouse. He visits the location and is stunned to find the wreckage of the Queen men's boat inside.

Meanwhile, Moira has another secret rendezvous with the shadowy figure in the limo, who turns out to be played by John Barrowman, a.k.a. Captain Jack from "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" fame. As they go over the names of the men Arrow has targeted, Moira realizes he is "targeting the list." What will happen when Oliver's arrest reveals he is Arrow?

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