Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anthony Edwards Drama 'Zero Hour' Canceled

I confess, seeing that "Zero Hour" had been canceled made me say "What's 'Zero Hour'?" Much in the way that when I first saw previews for the kidnapping/Nazi/conspiracy theory drama I thought, "Anthony Edwards?"

No offense to the veteran "ER" actor, but some people just aren't suited for certain roles, and casting the right person is often what makes or breaks your project. Just ask the people who thought casting "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart as Snow White was a good idea. Then look at Ginnifer Goodwin on "Once Upon a Time." Those people knew what they were doing.

So, when you're told about a show that seemingly has influences from "DaVinci Code" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark," is Anthony Edwards the hero you're picturing? As a shy schoolteacher trying to make a difference at a city college, maybe, but not as a Tom Hanks/Harrison Ford hybrid.

Of course the demise can't all be blamed on casting. Just take a look at the promo, which has all kinds of heavy-handed, bizarre, and cheesy stuff going on.

If viewers are rolling their eyes at the trailer, it doesn't bode well for the series itself. You know things weren't looking good for the series when the comments section for the EW article about the cancellation has an entire thread about "Red Widow" instead of the show that's already been axed.

Part of that "Red Widow" discussion pointed to another problem with network television today--the pace at which shows are canceled. Sure, there are some surefire bombs that aren't worth pursuing. But many of the greatest shows took time to build an audience, and nothing gets that chance anymore, particularly on ABC (Already Been Canceled). The result is that no one wants to watch a new series now, fearing they'll once again get invested in something that will never reach a satisfying conclusion. Then when no one watches, the network pulls what might have become a perfectly good show. It's a vicious cycle that doesn't seem to be close to ending any time soon.

So, did anyone out there watch "Zero Hour"? Will you miss it?

PHOTO: "Zero Hour" trailer screencap, 2013, ABC, fair use.

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