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'Arrow' Recap: Oliver and Laurel Feel the Sting of Family 'Betrayal'

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When you're dealing with secret lives and identities, it's no surprise that trust issues would arise again and again. In the "Arrow" episode "Betrayal," both Oliver and Laurel must face the consequences of their own deceptions, as well as the lies by those closest to them.

There's a new criminal in town, Cyrus Vanch ("Once Upon a Time" star David Anders). Just released from prison despite his extensive criminal record, Vanch immediately kills his less-than-supportive lawyer and sets himself up in the deceased's mansion.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Digg are arguing about Moira's little book of names, which is a mirror of his dad's. They're interrupted by a call to the Arrow phone from Laurel. She's frantic about the new villain in town, and she can do nothing without "fresh evidence." Oliver reluctantly agrees to help, but Digg thinks he's simply taking the case to avoid dealing with his mother.

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Vanch's compound turns out to be heavily fortified. Arrow takes out enough guards to spy for a few minutes, landing a listening device with an arrow next to the criminal and his girlfriend. Just before he's forced to retreat, Oliver hears that Vanch is planning on taking over the rival gangs. Vanch finds the arrow and decides that taking out the vigilante could be just the way to cement his position as the Big Boss.

Arrow sets up a meeting with Laurel to give her the recording. Detective Lance uses their bugged call to convince his superiors to keep him on the vigilante case. Everyone seems to be concerned about using Laurel as bait except her father.

Oliver meets with Laurel and realizes, after a minute, that they're not alone. He has to temporarily use his ex as a shield when they're surrounded by cops and is forced to knock out Lance before escaping. Laurel is furious at her father for lying and putting her in danger, stunned that he thought she would understand he was "just doing his job."

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Laurel meets up with Tommy to complain about her father, but he's not feeling sympathetic. After all, she's never told him about her dealings with Arrow, and postponed their date to meet him. Laurel realizes she's been lying as much as her father has.

Back at home, Oliver confronts his mother. She says the book was his father's and throws it into the fire, claiming it's to keep him safe from people on that list. Oliver believes her, but his bodyguard isn't buying it. Digg arranges to be her chauffeur for a few days, to keep an eye on her.

Digg eventually manages to eavesdrop on a meeting between Moira and Malcolm Merlyn. He bugs the conversation, overhearing the two talking about "taking care" of anything that gets in the way of the "undertaking." He also hears Merlyn tell Moira to clear out the evidence of Mr. Queen's boat being sabotaged. Digg gets the recording to Oliver, who's devastated to learn of his mother's involvement in his father's death.

Tommy goes to Laurel's apartment to talk over their fight, but finds the place ransacked. He takes the arrow he finds with a recorded message to Lance. Vanch has kidnapped Laurel and will give her up in exchange for the vigilante. Lance realizes only someone in his squad could have leaked the information about Laurel's involvement with Arrow. He's forced to turn to the only guy left that he can trust -- the Hood.

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In this week's flashback, Oliver follows the island map Yao Fei gave him. He finds another soldier, who had been counting of Fei to help him ambush an airstrip. Disgusted by Oliver's weakness, the soldier ties him to a chair and threatens to kill him so he won't be a liability if captured. Oliver dislocates his shoulder to get free and lands a few punches before being subdued. The man, who introduces himself as Slade, laughs and feels Oliver might help him with his mission, after all.

When digging through the arsenal of weapons available, Oliver finds the mask of the man who tortured him. Slade claims it was his partner -- that they were Australian special forces sent there to try and free the prisoners. Oliver isn't sure what to believe.

Back in the present, Arrow gets a call from Lance. Like Slade in his flashback, Oliver is forced to admit he can't take Vanch's compound alone. The two men will have to work together.

Arrow manages to get through Vanch's defenses, but the villain has planned well, leaving his nemesis short of arrows once he finally gets inside the house. That's when Lance arrives to save the day. Oliver prevents him from shooting Vanch, telling him, "I'm the vigilante, you're the cop."

Laurel is relieved to be safe, but tells her distraught father that though she loves him, it's going to take time to trust him again. Out in the parking lot, Arrow drops in to tell her they shouldn't work together anymore --so she can stay safe. He disappears when Tommy arrives, and the couple quickly reconciles.

Oliver tells Digg it's time to get serious and talk to Moira again. Only this time, he pays her a visit as Arrow.

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