Monday, February 10, 2014

'Silicon Valley'--Will New Entrepreneurial Comedy Be a Hit for Mike Judge?

Josh Brener and Thomas Middleditch in HBO comedy "Silicon Valley".

Mike Judge is a busy, successful man of many talents and many projects, but he's probably best known for two: Old School MTV icons Beavis and Butthead, and the cult comedy movie classic "Office Space." The latter has to be one of the finest, quirkiest satires on the mind-numbing cubicle corporate culture, and fans have always hoped to see more in that vein from Judge.

The 2009 movie "Extract" missed the mark as an heir to the "Office Space" throne, but now here comes an HBO comedy about nerdy dudes trying to capitalize on the Internet Start-Up boon that took a select few lucky geniuses from garages to millionaire mansions.

It's tough to tell the quality from this brief clip, but the Mike Judge style (and character types) are definitely visible. There's a lot of material to work with when you've got brilliant but naive guys trying to get rich in a cutthroat world, so let's hope Judge mined this universe for all it's worth. You can only rewatch "Office Space" so many hundreds of times, so it'd be great if we could watch some more workplace comedy gold when "Silicon Valley" debuts on HBO on April 6.

PHOTO: 2014 screencap of "Silicon Valley," HBO, fair use.

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