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'Arrow', "Time of Death" -- 13 Things We Learned

Arrow Time of Death screencaps Oliver Queen Stephen Amell Sara Lance Caity Lotz John Diggle David Ramsey shirtless abs bulging muscles photos pics
Hangin' with the big boys...

 A lot happened on "Arrow" this week, including a little bit of War of the Girls. The nice thing about "Arrow" is the girls usually resolve this by kicking ass, or at least speaking their minds, instead of a lot of catty BS. Rock on, Awesome Women!

Here are the 13 things we learned in episode "Time of Death."

Arrow Diggle Sara Oliver fight scene staff kicking ass Stephen Amell David Ramsey Caity Lotz photos shirtless sexy pics

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

1. Felicity is feeling jealous. There's a new girl in the Lair, and she can spar with the muscly shirtless boys and hold her own in the "who has more scary scars" game. She's smart, strong, and can even analyze blood. And oh yeah, there was that whole lesbian thing, too, and we know guys like that.

And the worst: Sara is pretty nice to our favorite geek girl, which makes it kinda hard to hate on her.

Sin Bex Taylor-Klaus Roy Colton Haynes Thea Willa Holland Sara Caity Lotz party pictures
Thea realizes she should have specified a dress code...

2. Every family has their own style. "When you come back from the dead, you get a's a Queen family tradition," Oliver informs a reluctant-to-be-social Sara. She shares the Lance family tradition: "Holding grudges forever." As whiny as Laurel has been lately, you gotta admit she's got some solid reasons for grudge-holding, though.

Arrow Laurel Sara Lance family dinner Katie Cassidy Caity Lotz photos pics images

3. Oh, and if you want to keep your relationship with a dude secret from your family, don't invite him to your family-only make-up dinner. Laurel can totally smell the shared lust on you.

4. At that same dinner, we find out momma Dinah has a new boyfriend. There goes daddy Quentin's dreams of reuniting. Really, maybe that grudge thing was a better idea.

John Diggle David Ramsey Felicity Smoak Emily Bett Rickards Arrow screencaps

5. When your whole high tech computer system gets infiltrated and fried, and you're feeling down about being the Most Useless Girl Ever, it turns out Diggle is a really good listener. He's also really hot and super strong. Maybe you've been pining over the wrong dude, Felicity!

Sara Black Canary Felicty Diggle leather masks

6. Apparently on Arrow's Super Sekrit team, only Sara and Oli need to wear masks. Because no one will go after Felicity and Diggle, they're the B Team. And who would ever figure out what dude those two have in common, right?

Sara Black Canary Felicity Caity Lotz Emily Bett Rickards shot on the ground saving

7. Felicty does know how to Kick Ass, as if it was ever in doubt. She takes a bullet for Sara, and then electrocutes the bad guy by hacking and frying his phone. After she helps Diggle figure out how to save them all from going BOOM. Top that, Hooded Withholder Of Affection!

Sara stitching up Felicity in turquoise bra bullet wound Arrow Time of Death episode Diggle and Oliver watch

8. Secret Lair rules: Boy or girl, seeing each other in your underwear is no big deal. And we don't need no stinkin' hospitals, when we have needle and thread and a semi-sterile environment. Oh, and "aspirin" = "oxycodone".

Sara Caity Lotz Sin Bex Taylor-Klaus heart to heart leather jacket spiked hair surrogate big sister

9. Flashback reveal: When a plane was shot down over the Island, Sara stayed with the dying pilot, and promised to look after his daughter if she ever got back home. Guess who that orphaned daughter is? Yep, that explains the whole Sara/Sin bond, though we don't know if she's ever told Sin about her dad.

10. Grudge fests can be broken! Lance apologizes to Oliver at Sara's party, saying he was too hard on him after his return, when he'd basically just been a kid like Sara. And when Oli lays the tough love down on Laurel, she decides being mad at a sister who's alive is preferable to angsting over a dead one.

Arrow Oliver Queen Stephen Amell Thea Willa Holland bar Verdant eyeroll suspicious glance hands around face

11. Meanwhile, exchanging stony glares with your mom is eventually going to get even Thea to notice something is up. And she's totally not going to believe your "Everything's fine" BS.

Slade Wilson Arrow Manu Bennett sexy eye patch goatee suit and tie photos pictures images screencaps

12. This is the least of Oli's worries, however. After all, his mom's meeting at the house with Slade, who is totally making that eye patch work.

13. But who cares about all that!? The most important thing we learned was that Felicity will always be Oliver's "girl." You know, not his *girl* girl...his girrrrl. Felicity knows that sounds like the same word, but it's not. Hell with Girl Friday, Arrow has a Girl Felicity. And that's soooo much cooler.

Watch for more on "Arrow", Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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