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'Star-Crossed,' 'Give Me a Torch' -- 13 Things We Learned

Duuuuuuuuude...you almost blew me up!
"Star-Crossed" episode "Give Me a Torch" has more drama than any teenager could ever handle, without a lot of therapy and prescription drugs, anyway. There are explosions, both literal and emotional, ill-advised web searches, evil and manipulating moms, and friends and family working together to get other friends and family killed. It's good stuff. Here are 13 things we learned:

Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch Emery Roman

Star-Crossed recap Julia Emery Episode 11 pictures photos screencaps pics

1. Roman and Emery = #Awkward. Emery still wants to know if Roman is okay, and he thinks it's none of her business anymore. Julia chastises Emery for breaking up with a dude it took her ten years to reconnect with. "It's hard to compete with the future of an entire race," Emery protests.

Star-Crossed Teri Roman

2. Teri apparently thinks "What's a little drugging between friends?" She doesn't understand why Roman can't just let bygones be bygones, and she thinks he should be careful not to alienate her, no pun intended.

"We're goin' to the dance, right?"
3. Julia enjoys her no-frills no-drama boyfriend Eric until he ditches her at the dance to go drinking with a bunch of other nerd-haters under the bleachers. We can't help wondering if this is code for Eric being on the down-low.

Great. I look like an idiot now.

4. Parents lie just as much as teenagers do. Drake's mom Saroya promises she'll be a witness when Roman tells the council all about Caster's evil ways. She doesn't show, leaving Roman hangin' out there like a petulant boy trying to get back at his uncle for outing him. Drake also rightly suspects Mom's still making that scary weapon for the Trags she said she wasn't going to. She finally tells him this was just a necessary evil to keep him safe, but he's not impressed.

Taylor glowing blue tears Star-Crossed pics photos images

5. Instead of pickle and midnight ice cream cravings, Atrian pregnancy means weeping glowing blue tears and drinking 2 gallons of water a day. Why do we know this? Well, apparently Drake and Taylor did not believe in safe Atrian sex. Taylor is understandably freaked out about potentially deadly hybrid baby drama. And even worse, "cankles!"

6. Being the leader of a "kinder, gentler, Redhawks" group is hard work. Especially when Vartan shows up, "encouraging" Grayson to take a harder line against all Atrians. He's dangerously peeved when Grayson tells him to step off--and to leave Emery alone. This girl has some crazy Siren song, dudes everywhere just can't resist protecting her at all costs.

Smug SOB.

Caster Teri Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch

7. Vega is one of those impossible-to-please mothers. Even starting a hurricane so mom can get her bomb-making materials together wasn't good enough from Teri. Now she's got to get the key to operate the thing from Caster. She interrupts his concubine party and bugs his pod so she can eavesdrop and learn the location of the key.

8. You should always clear your browser history! Taylor and Emery look up scary, inaccurate info on Atrian pregnancy on the computer-equipped tables at their favorite restaurant hangout. The lurking Vartan checks what they've been surfing and immediately comes to the conclusion that Emery had a little too much fun with Roman. So, naturally, he kidnaps her at knifepoint.

Teri on Mom's shit list again...

9. Some mothers do come through for you. Roman's mom Maia stalls Caster while her son and Drake search his pod for that stash of bombs Caster's been hoarding. Mom's not too fond of her brother now that he sent his hit man to try and blow up her son. The boys grab a few explosives to destroy the scary new bomb Vega's been building, and as hoped, the Trag leader assumes Caster is the culprit. Even though Teri saw the real perpetrators on her nanny cam, she keeps silent.

Fight! Fight!

10. Teenagers appreciate noble gestures. Grayson saves Emery from being Vartan's hostage, and gets the guy hauled off in cuffs by police. Emery has never heard of PTSD, so her response to this knife-point drama is "Let's dance!" Meanwhile, Eric saves Julia's singing debut up on stage by jumping up during her hella nervous performance and turning it into a charming karaoke duet. We're really glad Julia's going to be a scientist. Seriously, girl, don't give up your future day job!

11. Caster is always a man with a plan. Turns out that all his schmoozing of Teri has paid off. When Vega's men come after him with murderous intent, Teri helps him escape their clutches. But is it his sexy pecs she's after? Approval and respect she doesn't get from her mother? Or is she still after that key, which happens to be hanging around his neck?

Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch Episode 11 Emery Grayson Redhawk meeting

12. Emery loves forgiving Grayson as much as she loved making out with Roman. She believes Gray's new Redhawks have the same mission she does, to stop the Trags and keep both humans and peaceful Atrians safe. Roman doesn't know this is the goal, however, so when he follows Emery to a Redhawk meeting and she announces herself as an Atrian informant, he's understandably drowning in a horrific "WTF?" moment.

13. Nothing every goes the way teenagers expect. Roman and Drake are feeling good about their master plan, but there was one tiny hiccup. The bomb they blew up was actually just a bunch of shielding around the actual weapon--which remains intact. Damn clever Vega, always one step ahead.

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