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'Arrow' Finale: Six Things We Totally Hated

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*MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT* This season of "Arrow" built up to an unbelievable finale full of surprises, rescues, meaningful stares, kick-ass fight scenes, 120 ways to stab a guy with an arrow, and that whole "Save the World" kinda thing our heroes are so darn good at. There was so much to love, but we gotta admit, there were half a dozen things we soooo totally hated:

Felicity Smoak wrong girl scene surprised pictures blonde glasses cute photos Arrow finale Emily Bett Rickards

Stephen Amell Oliver Queen wrong girl love Felicity scene Arrow finale

1. Total #Ollicity fake-out, man. I mean, from a total shocker gasping drama moment it was AWESOME. But for our poor, long-suffering, Felicity-adoring hearts, it was so, so, so cruel.

Felicity Ollie scene on the island beach not love Arrow

No one wants that implied " a sister" after the abs-liscious man of your DREAMS tells you "I love you..." No one, I tell you!

Thea Roy hug Arrow finale Willa Holland Colton Haynes teary hug Unthinkable photos

Thea Queen Malcolm Merlyn Arrow Unthinkable finale photos pictures

2. Thea always takes the completely irrational route. Yes, Roy totally shouldn't have lied to her, as usual. And she's had her fair share of betrayals. But to respond by disappearing into the ether with creepy mass murderer dad who's so proud of you for shooting him and still disses Tommy even after he's dead? Oh yeah, that seems like a sound decision.

Roy crying tears streaming down face Colton Haynes Arrow

Plus, Thea made Roy cry. Now that's just uncalled for.

Isabel death scene Arrow Summer Glau photos images pics screencaps

3. Killing Isabel. Ollie totally needed to get slow, cruel revenge for her stealing the family company. And ya know, totally creeping Oliver out by sleeping with him...and his dad. Double-dipping in the Queen family line, soooo not cool.

Arrow finale Unthinkable Slade revenge Manu Bennett hot leather photos

Arrow prison scene Oliver Slade

4. Why does Slade have to stay evil? This buff, pirate-y, gravelly-voiced dude is too hot to be rotting down in an underground island prison. Can he and Ollie get together and play chess like Professor Xavier and Magneto? Can we get a crazy but hot girl in the cell with him for steamy conjugal visits? Give us something in Season 3 of "Arrow," please!

Sara Daddy Lance

Sara Laurel Lance

Sara hug dad Lance Arrow finale

5. The Lance family send-off. "Byeee Sara! Have fun being a sadistic, emotionless assassin!" How on earth does one go from lamenting her awful bargain to save the city/world to grinning and waving at the pier as you send your loved one off to a life of cruelty? So confused, "Arrow" writers, so confused!

Laurel Dad Detective shirtless hairy chest Quentin Lance Paul Blackthorne Katie Cassidy

6. Daddy Lance is in trouble! And we WON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS UNTIL SEASON 3!! AUGH!!! There'd better be some serious rescuing going on when we get back, no way they can deprive us of all that tall, cynical, hairy-chested DILF goodness.

So, "Arrow" fans...what did you hate -- or love -- about the Season 2 finale??

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  1. I was totally hoping the Suicide Squad getting some action, and even though I loved Nyssa snapping "Bichev's" neck, I wanted Felicity to make her life absolutely imposdible and Oliver just enjoying the show. Let's be real, Malcom is a freaking creep, but I kinda like it (I know, I have no self-preservation), he is so unapologetic about what he has done and about who he is that I just can't help it! I'm hoping for more in depth Diggle next season, because being cryptic about everything can only get you so far.
    I'll miss Slade, (because HELLO Manu Bennett, anyone? Also Slade Wilson is just fckng hot!) but we all know he'll be back. He left the island once, he'll do it again. Have I talked about the sexy-scary-badassness that is Nyssa, she scares me but I also wanna have her babies. The Lances be trippin' and I just don't even try...I do like Detective Lance, cause he is cool and I don't feel the urge to punch him in the face, Sara is close second and I'm glad she didn't die and she really like killing people apparently maybe she'll find a balance between the assassin of The League and the hero of Starling, I still wanna punch Laurel in the face, though. Prediction for Season 3: loooots of Olicity eye sex, Daddy Diggle, Vigilante Thea, Sad but determined Roy, Canary Laurel. Ta-da!!!

    1. Hah, yeah, for them rolling out the Suicide Squad, I thought they'd get to do more. I think they're getting a spin-off though, so it might have just been another chance to get them a little face time so we don't forget about them.

      I love John Barrowman to bits so I can't say I'm sorry at all that he'll be back, and who knows, maybe Thea will calm his crazy a bit--but not before his crazy rubs off on her, I think...heh.

      And I think a LOT of people want to punch Laurel in the face. When Sara was leaving, I was like, Ack, we're losing the wrong sister! :P I'm not into Nyssa myself, but I can see the appeal...heh.

      I agree with your predictions for Season 3!!



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