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Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Canceled Series To Nab Emmy Awards?

Elizabeth Mitchell Lost Juliet screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs captures finale Emmy Award
What do Lost, The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Monk, and The Tudors have in common? We won't see any of these shows next year, despite the fact that they've been rewarded for outstanding elements by the Emmy Awards.

Some programs, like Lost, had a planned demise. Others, like Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show and Old Christine, had more surprise endings. Conan O'Brien is going to be laughing all the way to the Emmy Awards, considering his 7 month stint on the Tonight Show got him a Best Variety Show Emmy nod--and rivals Leno and Letterman were left out in the cold. (Letterman's program is nominated in a couple other categories, for directing and technical direction).

Lost racks up an impressive four acting nods, for Matthew Fox (Jack), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Micheal Emerson (Ben), and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet). Mitchell is the first and only Lost gal to get an Emmy nod, and it's in the guest actress category. Whatever works--Mitchell deserves the honors. She's been turning in an amazing and nuanced performance from the moment she appeared on screen.

I'm sure Lost aficionado MsTerri would agree, it's a questionable move by the Emmy Awards voters to bestow a writing nomination for the Lost finale. (Vote in the love-it- or-hate-it Lost finale poll here.) I can argue for best drama Emmy Award, considering how we were all glued to the screens every week, but I'm still feeling immensely let down by the ending.

You can read more about the celebrate final seasons of the shows in my AC-Yahoo! article: 5 Canceled Series to Nab Emmy Awards?

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PHOTO: Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet on Lost, screencap c2010 ABC Studios.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Alan Dale (Widmore), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Jeremy Davies (Faraday), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Harold Perinneau (Michael), Emilie de Ravin (Claire),  Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), and Matthew Fox (Jack) Jimmy Kimmel Live Lost finale The End series screencaps images photos pictures capture screengrabsAlan Dale (Widmore), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Jeremy Davies (Faraday), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Harold Perinneau (Michael), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), and Matthew Fox (Jack) answer audience questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Thoughts on the Lost finale? Check out: Lost -- "The End" -- I Laughed, I Cried, I WTF?

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we got a last chance to see some of our favorite Lost castaways (above pictured). While it was mostly good-natured chatting and cracking jokes, and some awkward moments, Jimmy did manage to have a Q&A with Matthew Fox at the start of the show about the Lost mythology.

It was an interesting theory Jimmy presented, about the idea of having to pass a test of character before concluding your life--and that Jack passed that test. Jimmy also conjectured that the Lost story was really about Jack's test, and that the others were merely players in that storyline--though they were experiencing tests of their own. I guess you could say that they all experienced tests of character, but perhaps the people who lived at the end still had their real tests yet to come.

The ads for the Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lost finale episode promised 3 alternate endings that Cuse and Lindeloff had planned. I was momentarily excited at the prospect of seeing what possibly better solutions they had tried out, but then I realized it was Jimmy Kimmel Live and these would most likely be joke set-ups.

The three clips had the actual Lost actors performing different finales--which turned out to mirror other famous season and series finale episodes. After each flub, the writers maintained that they hadn't seen the originals so they didn't realize they were the same. The first was a Survivor episode where Sayid was dismayed to learn that he'd been voted off the Island. Naveen Andrews was hilarious as he had his exit confessional where he complained bitterly about being killed, blown up, etc., only to be "kicked off the @#$%! Island".

(Article continues below these limited edition bobbleheads--click each pic for more info!)
Lost Claire Littleton Bobble Head - SDCC Exclusive Lost John Locke Bobble Head Lost Hugo Hurley Reyes Bobble Head

The second Lost sketch involved Richard, Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Claire, & Jack in what was apparently a mirror of the Sopranos finale. Like Cuse and Lindeloff, I haven't seen it, so I can't tell you if it was funny or not. The third and final "alternate Lost ending" was the finest, with Bob Newhart waking up in bed with Kate, ala the series end of Newhart. Bob was peeved that Bob and Carlton hadn't seen his beloved series finale either.

For another startling reunion, Sawyer appeared on the big screen TV, live from Canada, where he was shooting Snakes on a Plane 2: Electric Boogaloo. This was funny enough in and of itself, but Josh Holloway actually did some fly break-dancing moves with the original Breakin' movie duo Adolfo 'Shabba-Doo' Quinones and Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers. Ten points for an awesomely outrageous 80s reference and ten more points for execution.

Jimmy also had random people staring out from the jungle foliage surrounding the set of sand and airline debris--the funniest was a boy who may have been, and certainly looked like, the young Jacob.

My only complaint about the show is at least partically the fault of the Lost writing itself--there was only one woman, Emilie de Ravin, on the show. I felt moderately better when Evangeline Lilly at least showed up in the Bob Newhart sketch. What about Yunjim Kim (Sun)? Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)? Maggie Grace (Shannon)? L. Scott Caldwell (Rose)? Tania Raymonde (Rousseau)? I hope they were all busy and that it wasn't just male-centric planning by former Man Show host Jimmy Kimmel. Despite the appealing cast diversity on Lost, however, you have to admit it's been largely a male-dominated story arc, relegating all of the women's roles to romance and motherhood.

One of the things I liked best about the Lost cast reunion on Jimmy Kimmel live was that there seemed to be a lot of genuine affection between the cast members. With six years of living and filming on Hawaii, it's nice to know that some friendships were formed, and Michael Emerson, Terry O'Quinn, and Matthew Fox had plenty of nice things to say about each other. I also liked that Naveen Andrews pretty much kissed everyone on the cheek, including a very affectionate kiss for Michael Emerson when the actor said he was happy there didn't seem to be any gleeful satisfaction from his fellow actors when Ben got any of his 100 beatings.

After the Jimmy Kimmel Live special, they had a Q&A session with some of the cast, which you hopefully you can still see on the Jimmy Kimmel Live website.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost -- "The End" -- I laughed, I cried, I WTF?

Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet Lost screencaps images photos pictures captures screengrabsJuliet is still awesome on Lost.

(SPOILER ALERT) I knew after six years of build-up that we were never going to feel satisfied with the end of Lost, but I didn't think I'd feel as let down as this. Well, actually, since Richard turned out to be not magical at all, and the mystery of the Island turned out to be a shiny light in a cave, I'd started to get an inkling.

During the ridiculously long two hour intro to the finale (which was 30 minutes of interviews and flashbacks to the series, and 90 minutes of freakin' commercials), writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave us their true vision of Lost. That vision was that Lost was about the characters, and their personal journeys. That's the most you can get out of these final episodes--just one last visit with all of the characters we loved so much.

The one thing I have to give to season 6 of Lost was it made me love Jack again. His character had so many ups and downs and personality shifts and constant anger that it had been painful to see our hero fall apart. To see him rise again in everyone's estimation, to earn Sawyer's respect and rekindle Kate's love--that was wonderful.

Once again Matthew Fox (Jack) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) played opposite each other so well. I loved when Jack told the Man in Black that he had disrespected Locke by taking his form, and I also love that in the end, Jack became a man of faith.

(Article continues below.)

Not unexpectedly, arguably the best part of "The End" finale was at the hands of Ben Linus, that deliciously complex and tortured soul we've come to know, despise, pity, and love over six seasons. While the reunions of all the couples on Lost was very moving, the moment Hurley asked Ben to be his number 2 got me more choked up than anything. The look on Ben's face--the final reward of being asked to take care of the Island, by someone who truly needed him--it was what Ben had been searching for all along.

I thought the plane was going to explode mid-air when the few Losties that were left tried to escape, but thankfully that didn't happen. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any of the happiness of that life. We only got to see all of our favorite people do the equivalent of LOTR's Undying Lands and sail off into the light. Hence, the WTF? part of my post. The end result of all the mysteries? The Losties had a miserable existence, suffered and got killed off on a supernatural island that had some sort of worldly significance, hung around in a happyland purgatory till most of them arrived, and then they took the next step.

So, basically, after loving all of these characters and living with them through all the heartache and love and humor and pain, the final note we get is: hey, they all died happily ever after.

Personally, I thought those doors were going to open and they were all going to walk out onto the Island. Maybe Jacob would be waiting to welcome them, and there'd be all the people from the hundreds/thousands of years that candidates had been brought to the Island and killed. At least that would have perhaps had some symmetry to it.

These are my initial thoughts. Now it's time to watch Jimmy Kimmel and see what the actors have to say. Maybe they have more profound ideas than I do at the moment. What did you think of the finale?

ETA: I also wanted to say that I loved the Juliet and Sawyer reunion. The scene when Juliet dies has to be one of the most heartbreaking moments Lost put us through--right up there with Charlie's death. To see them get to be together again, and to hear Juliet ask Sawyer for coffee--as she did before she died, when she glimpsed the Other Side--was hearbreaking all over again.

The creators of Lost have said they didn't want to give us all the answers, so that Lost fans would continue to debate the series and it would live on (and we'd all buy more Lost-related stuff, I imagine). What they actually did is they didn't really answer anything, so fans can beat every last metaphor, image, and line to death with a thousand more theories ad infinitum. Depending on your personality, I suppose you will find this either exciting and brilliant, or lame and irritating. Or perhaps a combination of the two. After all, Lost was all about ambiguity.

PHOTO: Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, Lost screencap, c2010 ABC Studios.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lost -- "Happily Ever After" Review and Screencaps

Lost Happily Ever After Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick bed screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesDesmond wakes up to a nightmare, in Lost "Happily Ever After".

*SPOILER ALERT* Tonight's Lost, "Happily Ever After", brought the show back around to the mystery and heebie jeebies we've come to love. We got more Desmond/Penny love and crazy Charlie as a bonus, which just added to the goodness of this tight and compelling episode.

Lost Ab Aeterno Richard Alpert Nestor Carbonell eyeliner man screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs captures wifeI confess, when Lost episode "Ab Aeterno" aired, I was pretty disappointed. After the anticipation of a Richard Alpert-centric episode, I was let down by a story took the gorgeous and immortal Eyeliner Man and stripped away all his mystery. While it was nice to see the sensitive side of Richard and his truly eternal love for his bride, the fact that Richard was only special out of making a deal with the devil took away from his sexy mystique. This is one of the pitfalls of stretching out a one year series this long--the build-up is sometimes too much for the resolution you originally had planned.

Lost Happily Ever After Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan hospital dressing gown screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesWith "The Package" and especially tonight's "Happily Ever After", however, Lost is back on track to muddling our brains. While we've seen hints before that the alternate timeline Losties have occasional flashbacks or deja vu to their original Island lives, tonight we got confirmation that the two are definitely connected. After Desmond has a run-in with crazy, seemingly suicidal Charlie and a terrifying car ride off of a short pier into the ocean, Desmond gets a flash of the pivotal "Not Penny's boat" moment from his previous life.

Lost Happily Ever After Charles Widmore Alan Dale cut forehead screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesWe've seen a lot of "what if" scenarios for our Lost castaways, including an awesome hotel seduction scene between Sun and Jin, but tonight's set-up may be one of the most shocking. We get Desmond working for Widmore, as his respected right hand man. Widmore is married to Eloise, and their son Daniel Faraday is a classical musician hoping to perform some rock/classical with Charlie's band Drive Shaft. Then there's Daniel's half-sister Penny, whom Desmond has not even met--but the ever-tuned-in-to-weirdness Daniel points out that Desmond may need to discover his other life and have his love-at-first-sight moment with Penny.

Lost Happily Ever After Eloise Hawking Fionnula Flanagan Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesThe most telling moment is when Eloise confronts Desmond about his inconvenient digging into these strange blips in reality. She hints that the Losties' alternate lives may be wish fulfillment of a sort--she tells Desmond he has what he wants, which is Widmore's respect. She tells Desmond he's not "ready" to find out anything about the facts he's pursuing. The headstrong Desmond ignores her, with a little help from Daniel, of course.

Lost Happily Ever After Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick electro magnetic field catastrophe light screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesThere's also the ongoing Lost mystery of what Widmore has planned in our familiar timeline, where he's brought Desmond back to the island to prove he can withstand an electro-magnetic catastrophe. Which he can. But what does this have to do with the Man in Black, Jacob, and Widmore's kidnapping of Jin? And can Desmond trust Sayid as his savior from Widmore's clutches? Can Desmond tell the future still?

Lost Happily Ever After Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick Daniel Faraday Jeremy Davies screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesAnd did Daniel's plan to detonate the nuclear bomb trigger the alternate reality? And did his mother Eloise have that result in mind from the beginning? Who exactly is pulling the strings in the Lost universe...or is their more than one puppeteer?

Things are getting interesting again.

Love at first sight...

Lost Happily Ever After Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick love at first sight screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesLost Happily Ever After Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick love at first sight Penny Penelope Widmore Sonya Walger screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs capturesWatch Lost on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

PHOTOS: Lost, "Happily Ever After" screencaps, c2010, ABC Studios.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost -- "Dr. Linus" for the Win

Michael Emerson Dr. Ben Linus Lost Dr. Linus screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs captures
Now we're getting somewhere. Tonight's Lost, "Dr. Linus" definitely ranks amongst the best of the Lost episodes. Michael Emerson is definitely one of those amazing actors that can take what is truly a monster of a man and make him sympathetic and pitiable. The way Ben is broken down in this episode, and how it mirrors both Richard's and Ilana's disillusionment, was extremely powerful and moving.

Ben also surprised me twice--once for each reality. As professor, nay, "Dr. Linus", ran into belittling circumstances at work, I was ready for anything. I truly wouldn't have been surprised if Ben had killed the principal in order to get ahead, thus proving his island experience just brought out his true nature. But no, in the end, he chose to do the right thing for Alex rather than for his own ambitions.

Then, on the island, after facing death at Ilana's hands, we get one of the most emotional scenes of the episode when Ben confesses he's only going to meet Evil Locke on the other island because "no one else will have me." I was shocked when Ilana welcomed him back to the beach, and even more surprised when Ben accepted. The way he stands there, so lonely and dejected as the group greets Jack and Hurley, broke my heart--which is once again a testament to Emerson.

Another great thing about this episode, and this season, is that I like Jack again. He's confident, and angry, and just this side of crazy. It's been a total flip on the island, where all the previous shadowy figures in control are now stumbling around blind while the castaways are starting to take charge. The scene with Jack and Richard, with Jack laughing his way through Richard's suicide attempt, was both suspenseful and startling. I am also pleased that Eyeliner Man and New Jack did not get all-blowed-up. I want to see what these two do next, and if Jacob has a good master plan or a really messed up one. Possibly it's both, knowing Lost.

As usual, Miles is made of win in this episode as well, communing with the dead and throwing Linus under the bus--and with his own sarcasm thrown back in his face to boot. I also liked the interesting bit that Frank was supposed to be piloting the Oceanic flight that originally crashed--but he overslept. It was extra creepy when Ben told him the island "got him anyway."

All in all, a great episode. There've been some highs and lows this season, but "Dr. Linus" has got me looking forward to the next step in the adventure.

What did you think of "Dr. Linus?" Vote on the episode over at Lost For a Reason.

Watch Lost on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

PHOTO: Michael Emerson as Ben Linus, Lost "Dr. Linus", c2010 ABC.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Michael Emerson, aka Ben Linus from Lost, Visits The Soup

Joel McHale Ben Linus Michael Emerson guest star video The Soup Lost screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs captures
Okay, The Soup is consistently insane and funny, but tonight's introduction of Michael Emerson to the show was just plain genius. While surprise guests are pretty common on The Soup, usually it's a one gag bit where the star feels awkward and goes away quickly. Not Emerson. Not only is this man king of creepy drama, but he knows how to play satire. Watch for yourself:

If you haven't seen the show or clip, highlights include Michael Emerson finding the plot of 24 "confusing". When told by Joel that some TV characters get stabbed and then they come back to life, Michael scoffs and says "Ridiculous." Michael also asks if Joel is in some alternate reality that exists at the same time as the shows he's showing. (He's really not off base that a show that shows clips of shows is confusing...heh.)

I loved that when Joel introduced "Reality Show Clip Time," Michael said, "Define reality," in a spooky Lost sort of way. And I do agree with Michael Emerson that watching clips of the Kardashians makes me want to go move to an island somewhere.

So, all in all, just brilliant. This episode of The Soup is further proof that Michael Emerson is made of win. He's one of the best Soup guest stars I've ever seen, and I think the show runners agreed, because that's the longest time any guest I've seen has been on the show. Good on them for recognizing comedic talent when they see it.

You can watch The Soup on E!, Friday nights at 10/9c.

PHOTO: Michael Emerson, who plays villian Ben Linus on Lost, visits Joel McHale on the set of E! clip show The Soup, c2010 E!Online.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost -- "LA X, Parts 1 & 2"

Lost LAX Losties screencaps images photos pictures video screengrab capture
Okay, so tonight's Lost season 6 premiere "LA X, Parts 1 & 2" was just as much a mind bender as the season 5 ender "The Incident". Leave it to Lost to give you the aftermath of a HUGE cliffhanger with tons of scenes that don't actually tell you what happened after the bomb.

Let's see if we can recap the big Lost premiere moments. We start with Jack on the Oceanic flight, and it seems as if the bomb detonation has worked. The plane hits some turbulence, but doesn't crash. Rose is there, Bernard is there, Sun and Jin. Kate is there, in handcuffs.

But some things seem different. Hurley tells a curious Sawyer that he's the luckiest lottery winner on earth; that nothing bad ever happens to him. Boone is sitting near Locke, with no sister Shannon. And then there's the biggie--Desmond is on the plane as well. This seems to stir something in Jack, and he asks if they've met before. Desmond doesn't seem to remember anything, but later on he disappears from the flight.

Jack is called to the back of the plane to save someone locked in the bathroom--turns out it's Charlie, who swallowed a bag of drugs in an attempted suicide. He's not happy that Jack saved him. "I was meant to die," he tells Jack glumly, in an eerie parallel to the Lost sequence of events we know.

It was interesting to see how things would turn out if the plane didn't crash. I liked the easy friendship between Boone and Locke--a sort of fascination on Boone's part again--that mirrored their earlier relationship. It was hard to watch Sun and Jin, their marriage still strained. As Jin gets taken away by airport security for having undeclared wads of cash in his suitcase, Sun keeps her English to herself and lets him get into trouble.

Kate does a masterful escape once again, with just a teeny bit of help from bad boy Sawyer. Kate ends up forcing a cabbie to drive at gunpoint--with Claire sitting next to her on their getaway ride. And then we get another twist--Jack finds himself in the airport claims office with Locke. Locke lost a suitcase of knives, and the airline lost Jack's father. There's a nice scene with these two, when Locke tells Jack that no one can know where his father is. After all, the airline hasn't lost his father--they've only lost his body. Is this perhaps a hint about Locke's soul as well?

This isn't all, though. After we first see Jack on the plane, we then turn to Kate's point of view, where she wakes up dangling from a tree. On the island. Yes, that's right, Kate is still at the bomb site, though she's now back in her own timeline. And Sawyer is there, and Jack. Wait--Jack? But...

Sawyer is furious that the plan hasn't worked, and Jack for once has no answers for anything. Kate then hears Juliet, who somehow is still under the rubble, barely alive. So Sawyer at least gets to be with her one last time, but has to suffer through the realization of losing her--again. On top of it, she dies just before telling him something "important".

Hurley gets visited by the ghost of Jacob, who tells him to take a dying Sayid and the mysterious guitar case to the temple (home of the smoke monster and young Ben's life-saving change) in order to save him. The wound is too bad for Jack to heal, so he goes along with Kate, Hurley, and Jin to the temple. They're nearly killed by Others before they open the guitar case to find a message from Jacob that supposedly says they'd better save Sayid or else.

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Ben and Not-John-Locke. Ben is still confused as to why Jacob didn't put up a fight. Ilana sends her men in to find Jacob, and they shoot Not-John--but the bullets just bounce off. Then the Smoke Monster appears, and Ben learns that Not-John IS the Smoke Monster. Who just killed a bunch of men.

Ben is powerless to stop him. Shocking the collection of new crash victims on the beach with his Locke appearance, Not-John punches out a terrified Richard and carries him off to who knows where. As creepy as he's been in the past, I still have a soft spot for Eyeliner Man Richard, and don't want to see him meet a bad end.

Back at the Temple, Sayid drowns, despite the Others supposed attempts to revive him in the "healing pool". When the Others at the Temple discover that Jacob is dead, they freak out, sending up a flare to warn everyone and barracading themselves against the Smoke Monster they fear is coming. Then a very dead Sayid wakes up, which begs the question--is he Sayid, or is he perhaps Jacob returned? Will we now have a Not-John and a Not-Sayid?

The other twist is when Sawyer keeps Miles behind to help him bury Juliet. He has an ulterior motive, because he wants Miles to use his talents of listening to the dead. Sawyer is frustrated when Miles tells him Juliet's message is "It worked." If she means the bomb worked, and things went back to normal, then what are they all still doing on The Island? Do we now have two alternate realities operating at the same time?

Lost has certainly started the final season off with some big questions. Will any of them be answered in the next episode, or will we be left hanging all of season 6? There's only one way to find out...

Watch Lost on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9/8c. Read all my Lost-related posts!

PHOTO: The Losties captured by the Others in "LA X"; Boone and Locke in earlier days; Juliet before the bomb; Lost screencaps, c2010, 2009 ABC Studios.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Reminder, Recaps & Reviews

Lost The Incident Terry O'Quinn John Locke finale premiere season 5 6 screencaps images video pictures photos screengrabs capturesWill the real John Locke please stand up...?

Just a reminder that the final season of Lost premieres TONIGHT. With one of those Lost recaps episodes on at 8/7c to catch viewers up on what they may have missed, the new Lost season begins with a two-hour double episode "LA X, Parts 1 & 2".

If you want a quick refresher on the Lost season 5 finale "The Incident", you can read my "Scoop my brain out with a spoon" thoughts from last year. You can also check out all of my Lost-related posts.

Stay tuned to this TV News and Reviews blog for recaps, reviews, and probably a lot of confused ramblings about Lost season 6.

The final season of Lost will air on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

PHOTO: Terry O'Quinn as John Locke, 2009 ABC Studios.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lost Boone News and Screencaps

Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Ms Terri at the Lost for a Reason blog has made my day by announcing that Boone (Ian Somerhalder) will be back--if all goes well--in the upcoming finale season of Lost. Yes, there are polar bears and hatches and ghosts and smoke monsters--and Boone, oh my. He of the preternaturally blue eyes and quizzically arched brows and you know, just general rich-boy good looks.

While Boone could be punky and a bit thick-headed at times, what I liked about his character was his determination to improve himself. He didn't want to be useless, he didn't want to have this bizarre relationship with Shannon--he wanted to toughen up and be a strong man. Which put him into an unlikely partnership with Locke, a partnership that begins in this awesome premiere season episode, "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues".

This is the one where Charlie and Claire get kidnapped by Ethan, and Locke, Boone, Jack and Kate go after them. There's backstory on Jack and his dad, and also an interesting sideline with Sawyer and Sayid.

Now for your pretty screencaps, so you remember the lovely Boone Carlyle:

*CLICK* all Lost Boone pics for larger versions.
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
I loved this scene, where Boone laments about the parallel between their situation and the red shirt guys who always get killed in Star Trek...
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
...and Locke's answer is: "Sounds like a piss-poor captain."
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Locke asks Boone to guess his profession, and Boone replies "You're either a taxidermist or a hit man," which gets a genuine chuckle out of the enigmatic Locke.
Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Lost All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues screencaps images blue eyes photos pictures screengrabs captures
Hope you enjoyed the Boone from Lost screencaps. Here's hoping we see more of the lovely Ian Somerhalder on Lost, carefully scheduled in between his filming for Vampire Diaries.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

V New Series Preview Trailer

V remake TV series ABC ship screencaps pictures photos screengrabs trailer stills
ABC has released the new trailer for the V series remake. On the plus side we've got the awesome Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost), lovely Morena Baccarin (Firefly), and cutie Scott Wolf (The Nine, Party of Five). On the negative, we don't seem to have anyone as hot as Marc Singer or Judson Earney Scott were in the original. And Morena Baccarin is still too thin, and with a short pixie do, instead of the uber feminine, long- haired voluptuous beauty she was on Firefly.

I'll no doubt give the new remake a try. The effects look great, and Baccarin will make for an excellent evil, smooth-talking villain. For me, whether I keep watching depends on whether V will be non-stop angst each episode, or if there'll be enough action, romance, and hopefulness to keep it from being an endless downer.

V wasn't listed on ABCs fall schedule, so it looks like it will be a midseason replacement early next year.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Finale -- "The Incident, Part 1 and 2"

John Locke Terry O'Quinn Lost Follow the Leader The Incident finale screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs stills
Well, after tonight's Lost season finale, "The Incident", you can pretty much scoop my brain out with a spoon. Like those aliens over at Hulu, the Lost writers have turned my mind to mush. While tonight's episode pretended to answer questions, it really just created more, and left us with a big banging cliffhanger that will gnaw at us until fall.

*SPOILER ALERT* I liked some elements of this episode, but others grated on my nerves. Like the equally infuriating Heroes, Lost writers chose to have characters repeatedly shifting loyalties and motivations every five minutes. And except for the very end, no one seemed all that concerned that their lives would be soon over in a giant nuclear blast.

But let's start with Jacob. The invisible leader of the Others, Jacob has been mentioned, spoken to, and his orders heeded all this time, but no one has ever seen him. Except for Richard, of course. We finally see Jacob in the Lost finale, in the present as well as many past events, where he literally touches the lives of our plane crash survivors. So, this adds credence to the theory that all these people were on that plane for a reason.

But what reason? No sooner do we learn who Jacob is than he ends up skewered on the end of Ben's knife. We know that Jacob is ageless like Richard, and that he's responsible for Richard being ageless. We now know he doesn't live in the scary cabin in the jungle, but in the remains of the statue on the island's shore.

It appears Jacob's been around awhile, and long enough to acquire a nemesis. A nemesis who has taken a long journey just to kill Jacob--a long journey that shockingly includes becoming John Locke. Not the John Locke we've known, but some sort of evil doppelganger. This is now starting to sound a bit like The Mummy. I'm waiting for Richard to appear with the Book of the Dead under his arm.

Ilana, traveling with the group that originally tried to get Miles to go to the island with them, brings Richard the body of John Locke to show him the truth of who he just let in to see Jacob. Ilana finally gets the answer she wants to hear about what stands in the shadow of the statue, but Richard answers in a different language, so I have no idea what that answer is.

I have three questions about Jacob: 1) Why did he provoke Ben when he knew Ben was there to kill him? 2) Why did he warn his nemesis about the coming danger with his last breaths? 3) After living all this time, was it really that easy to kill Jacob?

Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet Burke Lost screencaps Follow the Leader The Incident pictures stills photos images screengrabs caps
Flip over to the other side of things and we get Jack, determined to follow Daniel's instructions and blow the island to bits. Juliet is all raw emotion and rash decisions because of her fear of losing Sawyer to Kate. I don't deny that Kate and Sawyer still have chemistry, but to me they don't seem ready to just dump all over Juliet. Kate even makes an extra effort to not be a jerk to Juliet, which maybe makes Juliet more suspicious.

Either way, the whole back and forth with Jack, Kate, Juliet and Sawyer was not my favorite part of the episode. Only Sawyer seemed to be acting in a rational manner--selfish, maybe, but at least you could follow his logic. And he truly does love was agony watching him lose her into the magnetized tunnel.

So here we are at the end of the Lost finale. Everyone's condition in 1977 is irrelevant because Juliet detonated the bomb. They will all either be dead, or will reappear in a different time loop. The question is, will they remember the experience or will they be strangers to one another? Will fate guide them all once more to the island, even if the plane doesn't crash? Will what happens in the past affect the future timeline we've been watching with Sun, Ben, Locke II, and Richard?

Extra moments that I liked in the episode: Rose and Bernard enjoying their retirement in the woods. I loved that Rose sounded like a Lost skeptic, completely disinterested in the crazy antics of the other survivors and their continuing missions to shoot stuff and try to save the world. I think this is where Juliet lost her mind a little, seeing how happy Bernard and Rose were and wishing she and Sawyer could have had that kind of contentment.

I also liked Miles dryly pointing out that detonating the bomb might be the actual "incident" they were trying to avoid. Miles spent enough time with Daniel to know how risky playing with time could be.

When Sun saw Aaron's cradle at the beach camp, the first thing I thought was, "Good, is someone finally going to find Charlie's ring?" I'd always thought that was a bad place to leave it, and there it is at last.

The Lost creators apparently decided with the season finale they would give fans enough material to fight and lose our minds over for the approaching summer months. I think they've succeeded. Anyone got a spoon?

PHOTOS: Terry O'Quinn as John Locke, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke, Lost screencaps, c2009 ABC Studios.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lost -- "Follow the Leader"

Richard Alpert Nestor Carbonell Daniel Faraday Jeremy Davies Lost Follow the Leader screencaps images photos pictures stills screengrabs gun dead shotAgeless Others "advisor" Richard Alpert is shocked as the gun-wielding Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) gets shot in the opening of tonight's Lost episode "Follow the Leader".

*SPOILER ALERT* Tonight's episode of Lost, "Follow the Leader", brought us two incredibly jaw-dropping events, both involving the recently reincarnated John Locke (Terry O'Quinn). The first event was that Locke's return, precise knowledge of when time loops would occur, and his decision to bring all of the Others to see Jacob completely freaked out the freaky ageless man himself, Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). Seeing Richard actually frightened, confused, and apparently out of the loop of information was more disturbing than smoke clouds and polar bears in the jungle, I can tell you.

And then after Locke makes all the right noises to reassure Sun of his efforts to reunite her and her husband, he casually tells Ben (Michael Emerson) that he has no interest in reuniting with anyone. He's going to see Jacob to kill him. And in that moment of utter shock and horror on Ben's part, we the audience actually fear Locke more than Ben--and we actually wonder if we should be siding with Ben on this one. Now that is some stellar mind-frakking TV.

Speaking of mind-frakking, "Follow the Leader" definitely made the brain twitch with having Richard appear in three separate time lines--the "present", the 70s, and in one of Locke's time jumps. The fact that he magically appeared when Locke needed his help with his bullet wound is due to the fact that future Locke told him what to say and do...again, watch the brain cells fry.

Kate Austen Evangeline Lilly Lost Follow the Leader screencaps images photos pictures screengrabs stills caps
Our other journey in "Follow the Leader" was the split between Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) over whether to follow Daniel's advice to detonate the hydrogen bomb. Jack is in a big hurry to erase the last three+ years of his life, but Kate is rightly worried about making important relationships just disappear. Never mind the fact that if the plane had landed as scheduled, she'd be going to prison.

Jack seems to convince Eloise (Alice Evans) that Daniel was in fact her son and that she might be able to undo killing him by following his orders to alter this timeline. Sayid (who pops out of the jungle long enough to save a departing Kate from getting shot by the Others) suggests to Jack that Eloise's only interest in the H-bomb is to blow up all of the Dharma folk. Jack doesn't really care--he's a man on a mission, now. Sayid's more of a fatalist about it all, and goes along with the plan.

James Sawyer Ford Josh Holloway Lost Follow the Leader screencaps images pictures photos stills screengrabs
Then we have Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), held captive by the Dharma security personnel. Once they started beating on Sawyer, and asking for Kate's whereabouts, I could see it all coming. Sawyer had to make a choice between Juliet and Kate. As he should, Sawyer chooses Juliet, bargaining a spot for them on the departing submarine in exchange for information. I realllly didn't like this, but I guess it follows one of two paths--one is that the Sawyer we knew from the beginning was always out for his best interests, and now it's his and Juliet's interests, and second is that we don't actually know if Sawyer gave them accurate information or if he just played them to get a ride off the island.

Sawyer and Juliet had a nice scene together, of renewed faith and trust in one another, and then of course--who drops in but the newly returned/recaptured Kate to throw a wrench in the works. So the love triangle complications continue.

Juliet Burke Elizabeth Mitchell Lost Follow the Leader screencaps images pictures screengrabs stills caps photosAnother item of note is that Miles (Ken Leung) finally sees for himself that his father Dr. Chang (Fran├žois Chau) sent him and his mother away to save them--and that the only way he could get her to leave was by being cruel to her.

Next week is the season finale of Lost, and I'm not sure my brain can handle it. We've got a possible murder of Jacob, the detonation of an H-bomb, a submarine heading to the real world in the 70s, and Hurley, Miles, and Jin at a loss for their next move out in the jungle.

And we'll see how freaked out Ben and Richard are...

Watch the three hour season finale event of Lost, next Wednesday night on ABC starting at 8/7c.

PHOTOS: Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, and Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet in Lost, "Follow the Leader", c2009 ABC Studios.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost -- "The Variable"

Daniel Faraday Jeremy Davies Lost The Variable screencaps images photos pictures screengrabsDaniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) tries to change time and lives on Lost.

*SPOILER ALERT* Tonight's Lost episode, "The Variable", brings our favorite crazy time-traveling scientist Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) back into the fold. And he's got a surprising new revelation--he thinks he truly can change time. He now considers people variables, who can make different decisions and change the outcome of events.

This is in contrast to his mother, Eloise Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan), who's apparently been drilling the idea of "destiny" into Daniel's head from the moment he was a small child. If you didn't feel sorry for Daniel before, you will now, as we see how strongly his mother manipulated his life and nearly crushed him with her expectations.

We also see Daniel in the past with severe memory loss due to his time travel experiments. Once again his mother controls his direction, convincing him to take his benefactor Widmore's (Alan Dale) invitation to find the mysterious island that might heal him.

More revelations are in store as we discover that not only was Eloise an Other like Widmore, but Widmore is Daniel's father.

Jack Shephard Matthew Fox Lost The Variable shooting gun screencaps images pictures photos stills caps screengrabsBack in the future, which is the past, but not their past--well, you know what I mean--Daniel tries to enlist our Lost heroes to help him find his mother on the island. Only Jack and Kate go with him, though Juliet gives him the gate code against Sawyer's wishes. Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, and Miles get ready to set off for the beach to hide out--since they can't keep Phil locked in the closet forever.

Things don't go well as Daniel, Jack, and Kate get involved in a shootout with suspicious Dharma security and barely get away alive. That same security barges in on Sawyer (LaFleur) to find out where he's been, and discover the captive Phil. Hurley and Miles are outside the building, but Juliet and Sawyer are caught.

On their jungle trek, Daniel tries to convince Jack and Kate to go along with his plan to prevent the building of the hatch, and the button pressing, and Desmond's lack of button pressing that led to their plane crash. His plan? To set off a hydrogen bomb. Brilliant, yes?

So, as per usual, everything has hit the fan on Lost.

Davies once again puts in a moving performance, breaking our hearts as he once again tearfully tries to warn a young Charlotte of impending danger. And in a final cruel blow, he gets shot by his own mother when he tries to find her in the Others' camp. His dying realization is that she knew this would happen all along, and sent him anyway.


Watch Lost on ABC Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

PHOTOS: Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard, Lost "The Variable" screencaps, c2009 ABC Studios.


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