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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Total Bummer: Cancelled and Soon-To-Be-Cancelled TV Series That We Were Totally Watching, Dude!

Please don't make me give up seeing this pretty face every week... *SOB*
Each TV season starts with viewers trying to watch everything, revisiting old faves and checking out new potential faves. As the season progresses, you lose track of some shows, forget to watch others, totally bail on the worst, and fall madly in love with both good series and guilty pleasures. Then suddenly the networks pull the rug out and cancel a show, and you're like, "DUDE!!! I WAS TOTALLY WATCHING THAT! AUGH!!"

It's that time of year when catastrophes both large and small have already happened, and there's more bad news on the way as your favorite stations decide once and for all what's going to make it to next season. Here are some of the already trash-canned, and still-in-the-air-likely-to-go-in-the-waste-bin shows we're completely bummed about:

"Sean Saves the World": Out of all the new half-hour comedies, and honestly, out of most of the old ones, this was the series I consistently watched and looked forward to. It was a simple, old-school workplace comedy that had amusing situations, funny physical humor, and was just a heck of a lot of fun. Sean Hayes was simultaneously adorable and hilarious, Thomas Lennon is an insane comedy genius, and Linda Lavin is just Awesome, let's be real.

NBC bailed on this one back in January. While you can't dismiss the fact that many people still won't tune in to gay-themed shows, the downfall of "Sean Saves the World" may also have been that it didn't suit the current taste for overly dark, raunchy, and/or downright uncomfortable humor.

"Almost Human": I was a skeptic when this human/android buddy cop show first hit the airwaves, but Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, and Lili Taylor totally sold me. A mixture of gritty police drama and sometimes eerie, thought-provoking sci-fi, this series had the potential to get into some quality "Star Trek" territory. With characters you enjoy spending time with, some delicious sex appeal, and goofy bromance moments thrown in, this show had successful cult fave written all over it.

Fox canceled the show at the end of April. The viewership was actually decent for "Almost Human," but like many gone-too-soon series, it fell victim to a network that already had too many new shows in the pipe ready to take its place. Fans have started a petition to get another network to pick it up, you can join the (currently 11,000+) sci-fi lovers in the cause at

"Star-Crossed": I'll admit it--I totally ripped on this show when I first watched the pilot. But there was enough there in the plot, and alien boy Roman (Matt Lanter) is so damn pretty, I tuned in again. And I got kinda hooked. The twists, turns, drama and melodrama really ramped up as the series progressed, and the aliens turned out be full of a lot more mystery than we'd even hoped for. It would be a shame if we weren't allowed to both enjoy and mock all the guilty pleasure goodness of human/Atrian relationships/battles for at least another season or two.

This series is still on the bubble, but most prediction sites have "Star-Crossed" getting launched into space, never to return. I know, CW, you already give us fantasy/sci-fi geeks "Supernatural," "Arrow," and vampires galore. But it was kinda nice having a show in that genre that had more romance in it and less freaky gore. Give us some more time with Roman and Juliet, erm...Emery, please!

**Update: "Star-Crossed" is sadly no more. USA Today reports it here.

"Intelligence": One of the things you learn when you buy movies for your home collection is that the four-star, Oscar-winning fare is not usually the kind of thing you end up rewatching a million times. It's the stuff that has great action, lovable characters, and is clever enough without tying your brain into knots. "Intelligence," a show about a soldier who gets an awesome chip in his brain that gives him access to ALL the information in our digitally connected world, is one of those gems you enjoy coming back to.

No, it's not Shakespeare, and sometimes there are plot holes you can drive a truck through. But Josh Holloway is his gruffly awesome self, and he has a nice chemistry with "Once Upon a Time" alum Meghan Ory. This one's not canceled yet, but it's looking like it'll likely get axed.

**Update: "Intelligence" did indeed get cut from the schedule.

"Crisis": Rachael Taylor and Lance Gross' characters make for an odd pairing on this hostage crisis show, but somehow it works. While the plot wheels grind a little noisily sometimes, it's an interesting premise, using influential parents to complete dangerous tasks in exchange for getting their kids back alive. Dermot Mulroney is sufficiently creepy as the geeky dad who wants to expose some nasty CIA business, get revenge, and win his daughter back--even if it means there's lots of collateral damage.

We've been DVRing two of these new Sunday night shows, "Resurrection" and "Crisis." We enjoy both, but we always rush to watch "Crisis" first. As is the way of the world, the former looks ready for renewal and the latter ripe for cancellation. The hostage drama may have only been meant for one season, though, and while we wouldn't mind seeing these characters continue on with other crises, it won't be so bad a loss if we at least get a satisfactory conclusion to the story.

**Update: "Crisis" also will not be returning.

What do you all think? Which series are you lamenting the loss of? Which shows do you hope will avoid the cancellation ax?

PHOTO: Matt Lanter as Roman on "Star-Crossed" screencap, 2014, The CW, fair use.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'Star-Crossed,' 'Give Me a Torch' -- 13 Things We Learned almost blew me up!
"Star-Crossed" episode "Give Me a Torch" has more drama than any teenager could ever handle, without a lot of therapy and prescription drugs, anyway. There are explosions, both literal and emotional, ill-advised web searches, evil and manipulating moms, and friends and family working together to get other friends and family killed. It's good stuff. Here are 13 things we learned:

Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch Emery Roman

Star-Crossed recap Julia Emery Episode 11 pictures photos screencaps pics

1. Roman and Emery = #Awkward. Emery still wants to know if Roman is okay, and he thinks it's none of her business anymore. Julia chastises Emery for breaking up with a dude it took her ten years to reconnect with. "It's hard to compete with the future of an entire race," Emery protests.

Star-Crossed Teri Roman

2. Teri apparently thinks "What's a little drugging between friends?" She doesn't understand why Roman can't just let bygones be bygones, and she thinks he should be careful not to alienate her, no pun intended.

"We're goin' to the dance, right?"
3. Julia enjoys her no-frills no-drama boyfriend Eric until he ditches her at the dance to go drinking with a bunch of other nerd-haters under the bleachers. We can't help wondering if this is code for Eric being on the down-low.

Great. I look like an idiot now.

4. Parents lie just as much as teenagers do. Drake's mom Saroya promises she'll be a witness when Roman tells the council all about Caster's evil ways. She doesn't show, leaving Roman hangin' out there like a petulant boy trying to get back at his uncle for outing him. Drake also rightly suspects Mom's still making that scary weapon for the Trags she said she wasn't going to. She finally tells him this was just a necessary evil to keep him safe, but he's not impressed.

Taylor glowing blue tears Star-Crossed pics photos images

5. Instead of pickle and midnight ice cream cravings, Atrian pregnancy means weeping glowing blue tears and drinking 2 gallons of water a day. Why do we know this? Well, apparently Drake and Taylor did not believe in safe Atrian sex. Taylor is understandably freaked out about potentially deadly hybrid baby drama. And even worse, "cankles!"

6. Being the leader of a "kinder, gentler, Redhawks" group is hard work. Especially when Vartan shows up, "encouraging" Grayson to take a harder line against all Atrians. He's dangerously peeved when Grayson tells him to step off--and to leave Emery alone. This girl has some crazy Siren song, dudes everywhere just can't resist protecting her at all costs.

Smug SOB.

Caster Teri Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch

7. Vega is one of those impossible-to-please mothers. Even starting a hurricane so mom can get her bomb-making materials together wasn't good enough from Teri. Now she's got to get the key to operate the thing from Caster. She interrupts his concubine party and bugs his pod so she can eavesdrop and learn the location of the key.

8. You should always clear your browser history! Taylor and Emery look up scary, inaccurate info on Atrian pregnancy on the computer-equipped tables at their favorite restaurant hangout. The lurking Vartan checks what they've been surfing and immediately comes to the conclusion that Emery had a little too much fun with Roman. So, naturally, he kidnaps her at knifepoint.

Teri on Mom's shit list again...

9. Some mothers do come through for you. Roman's mom Maia stalls Caster while her son and Drake search his pod for that stash of bombs Caster's been hoarding. Mom's not too fond of her brother now that he sent his hit man to try and blow up her son. The boys grab a few explosives to destroy the scary new bomb Vega's been building, and as hoped, the Trag leader assumes Caster is the culprit. Even though Teri saw the real perpetrators on her nanny cam, she keeps silent.

Fight! Fight!

10. Teenagers appreciate noble gestures. Grayson saves Emery from being Vartan's hostage, and gets the guy hauled off in cuffs by police. Emery has never heard of PTSD, so her response to this knife-point drama is "Let's dance!" Meanwhile, Eric saves Julia's singing debut up on stage by jumping up during her hella nervous performance and turning it into a charming karaoke duet. We're really glad Julia's going to be a scientist. Seriously, girl, don't give up your future day job!

11. Caster is always a man with a plan. Turns out that all his schmoozing of Teri has paid off. When Vega's men come after him with murderous intent, Teri helps him escape their clutches. But is it his sexy pecs she's after? Approval and respect she doesn't get from her mother? Or is she still after that key, which happens to be hanging around his neck?

Star-Crossed Give Me a Torch Episode 11 Emery Grayson Redhawk meeting

12. Emery loves forgiving Grayson as much as she loved making out with Roman. She believes Gray's new Redhawks have the same mission she does, to stop the Trags and keep both humans and peaceful Atrians safe. Roman doesn't know this is the goal, however, so when he follows Emery to a Redhawk meeting and she announces herself as an Atrian informant, he's understandably drowning in a horrific "WTF?" moment.

13. Nothing every goes the way teenagers expect. Roman and Drake are feeling good about their master plan, but there was one tiny hiccup. The bomb they blew up was actually just a bunch of shielding around the actual weapon--which remains intact. Damn clever Vega, always one step ahead.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Star-Crossed,' 'And Left No Friendly Drop' -- 13 Things We Learned

Star-Crossed Roman Matt Lanter screencaps photos pictures And Left No Friendly Drop season 1 episode 4
Roman...looking pretty.

This week on "Star-Crossed," "And Left No Friendly Drop," we get more into secrets and deceptions, but also a little human/Atrian bonding. Here are 13 things we learned about our favorite troubled teens:

1. Daddy Nox had a secret it seems. Mama Maia lets the kids know that their home has just been ransacked by human guards because they're looking for technology the Atrians aren't allowed to have. Technology like this phone of Nox's that she hid from prying eyes. Roman's completely wigged out because only the rebel Trags have phones like this, so what was his noble father doing with one?

2. Kids lie to their parents, big surprise. Roman says he'll take the phone and destroy it, but instead he asks Julia and Lukas for help. Lukas the computer genius says he'll hack into the encrypted phone and figure out what the deal is.

3. The class gets to learn about Atrian biology, including their two Doctor Who-esque hearts and a bonus set of lungs. Also, their glowing markings apparently helped light their way on their darkened homeworld. And oh, by the way, Atrians are allergic to human stuff like cilantro and caffeine. There's no way sharing THAT info will come back to haunt the Atrians, right?

4. Sophia has a secret love of swimming and a desire to know what it's like being on a team. That extra set of lungs sure would come in handy at the upcoming swim meet, Emery thinks, so she convinces Sophia to try out.

Resident sourpuss Eric (w/his main man Grayson) hates the idea.

Roman and Teri are ready to start WWWIII if necessary...

How can anyone resist those alien puppy dog eyes?

5. Eric always leads the pack of anything anti-alien. In this case, he's all up in arms about sharing the pool with these potentially disease-ridden glowing alien peeps. Gloria tells Sophia that sporting events for Atrians are a no-go. Emery gets unexpected back-up from Grayson, and they make their case for giving Sophia a shot at competing in the swim meet at their own school. Gloria caves and says she'll consult the board, but the Atrians are going to have to promise to be on their best behavior.

Sibling angst

This pic is here just 'cause Roman looks so hot while leaning on things.

6. Roman and Sophia have different ideas about their dad. Roman is entirely focused on finding out what's on that phone, and doesn't think Sophia should be risking all this negative attention by swimming with humans. Sophia tells him he can do all the investigations he wants, but this is the way she's choosing to honor their father.

7. Emery can't be bought with flowers. A little pro-Atrian speech at the pool, though, and she's ready to forgive Grayson in 3...2....1....

8. Kids lie to their scheming uncles. This one is pretty forgivable. Maia is extremely distressed that the human guards seem intent on finding the tech, as if they *know* it's there. Uncle Caster mentions "Trag" and "your father" in the same sentence and Roman is pretty peeved. He tells them the phone has been destroyed.

9. That mysterious phone came with a hidden video and a way to track the only other number Nox ever called. Lukas starts to show the vid to Roman, but they're ambushed by Gloria and security, who takes the phone before Roman can learn its contents. What's really mysterious is that the other phone was apparently being used right on school grounds. Curiouser and curiouser...

Oh, you goin' down, b#$%@. You messed w/the wrong Atrian.

10. So, these high school kids hate Atrians all the way up until a rival team tries to kill one of them. So it seems sports brings out both the worst and the best in people.

'Member when we mentioned that thing about Atrians and allergies? The opposing swim team pretends to play nice and then essentially poisons Sophia with some caffeine. She has an immediate allergic reaction, and may have died if not for Emery's experience with EpiPens--and the fact that luckily they don't kill aliens.

Grayson and Eric team up with Teri and Drake and others to kick some serious swim team ass in retaliation. (We also learn that attempted murder on an Atrian is apparently not a crime anyone gets charged for.)

11. Near-death experiences bring about camaraderie and a desire to swim some more. The meet is canceled and our home team gets their wrists slapped. Gloria is feeling pleased since brawling together is the first step towards peace and harmony. She grants them an in-house swim meet amongst themselves. Eric even engages in some friendly smack talk with Sophia. While showing off his abs.

12. Roman's not a big fan of conflict. He shares a moment with Emery, and makes up with his sis Sophia. Unfortunately all the eye-fucking with Emery doesn't make her his, though. He's got to watch from the Atrian bus while Emery and Grayson make out. Ouch.

13. This last one is the biggest bombshell of all. We finally see what that video is on Roman's dad's phone. Turns out Gloria's secret Atrian baby was fathered by Nox.

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