Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'Arrow' Season 2 Promos -- Shirtless Hunks Everywhere

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In case you hadn't realized it when watching "Arrow" Season 1, the showrunners know how to tantalize the ladies into sticking with this show. Sure, it's got fun twisty plots and comic book action goodness, but there is also a hell of a lot of hunk on display too.

So, to keep us ladies intrigued for Season 2 of "Arrow", The CW has wisely led with some, erm, artistic offerings that let us see another side of four of the male leads. Particularly that side that shows off their great pecs and abs. I am not going to complain about this one bit.

David Ramsey John Diggle shirtless Arrow Digg sexy hot naked pecs abs pictures photos

Confession time. I have a particular fondness for the scenes where Oliver, aka Arrow, does pull-ups. It's not just his awesome physique, but the fact that he pulls the bar with him on every lift. You can get a look at this incredible feat, and the shirtless body worship cinematography, in this lovingly crafted YT video:

Keanu's line in "The Replacements" seems fitting for "Arrow": "Pain heals, chicks love scars, glory lasts forever."

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Season 2 of "Arrow" premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.
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PHOTOS: CW Promotional posters for "Arrow".

Monday, September 16, 2013

'Saturday Night Live' Weekend Update -- Cecily Strong Joins Seth Meyers at the News Desk

Seth Meyers has been manning the 'Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update desk alone for years, ever since the 2009 departure of Amy Poehler. This fall, however, he'll be joined on WU by new cast member Cecily Strong. She's probably best known for her visits to the newsroom as "The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party."

While her rambling, "whatEVER" delivery as the annoying party girl had a few funny moments, it's not a character I need to see again. According to Seth, I thankfully shouldn't have to:

With only a year on the show, it's tough to tell if Strong is going to be a good fit for the "Saturday Night Live" Update segments. Tina Fey had "Newswoman" written all over her, but Poehler's quirky collection of onscreen characters made her a less obvious choice that still worked amazingly well. Strong does have comedic talent; my personal favorite of her "SNL" sketches are her stints with Vanessa Bayer as the former porn stars hawking Moet and Chandon (forgive the low-quality vid, NBC likes pulling all of their "SNL" clips for some reason) :

Clearly the Powers That Be at "Saturday Night Live" have a lot of confidence in Strong, as her co-hosting stint may just be a training period for her to go solo when Meyers leaves in February. (The longtime "SNL" writer and Update anchor has a brand new gig at NBC, taking over the "Late Night" spot from Jimmy Fallon.) I personally would love to see Taran Killam take Seth's spot next to Cecily next year; the two could become a weird and wonderful duo that would add a much-needed spark to the currently creatively-struggling show.

What do you think, "SNL" fans? Does Strong seem like a good choice for Weekend Update? The new season of "Saturday Night Live" premieres Saturday night, Sept. 28 at 11:30/10:30c.

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PHOTO: "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update with Cecily Strong screencap, NBC, fair use.


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